Lotta Gahrton Prod.

LGP is a contemporary dance-group that often works collaboratively with music-institutions (Stockholms Blåsarsymfoniker), art-galleries (Skulpturens Hus), schools and of course dance-stages (Dansens Hus, Moderna Dansteatern, Zebra Dans). LGP has worked several times in residencies around Stockholm, both in multi-ethnical suburbs and in the beautiful archipelagoe. LGP has also made many productions for children and young audiences and tours mostly in Sweden.

LGP are, in the different projects, supported by Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, The Arts Grants Committe, The city of Stockholm and The county of Stockholm, among others.

photo Hans Skoglund

A brief curriculum of choreographer Lotta Gahrton:

LG has worked with modern dance, experimental and improvisational dance as well as dance within theatre and musicals since 1985.
LG has performed on or choreographed for regular dance-stages, theatres and institutions but also site specifiques such as museums, churches, schools, hospitals, subways and city squares.

In 1987 she was part of starting the group Sonore Mobile, and in 1997 she formed her own group Lotta Gahrton Prod. in Stockholm.

She performes all over Sweden but has also been active for example in Helsinki (Finland) New York (USA), Pakali-n-ding (Gambia), Dortmund (Germany) and Almada (Portugal).

Lotta Gahrton is also an author of childrens books.