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PRESS and other quotations

Göran och Bengt
"A few paces away you could step into a male, beer-scented, intimate sphere, to Göran & Bengt. Choreographer Lotta Gahrton had placed Jukka Korpi and Mikael Strid, dressed in suits and broad mesh tank tops, in one armchair each. By pressing a remote control the viewers themselves chose a musicpiece ...and the duo threw themselves with normbreaking heavy(!) fragility between the coquettish poses of ballet and the more unpolished expressions of apes. Very accurate and well interacted." Anna Ångström, SvD (Swedish Daily Press)

Ragnar, Kämpingebacken 3
Mikael Strid hits the right note, smiling and gently touching as he moves between happiness and boredom, between movement and listlessness. Mikael Strids chubby, old man becomes memorable, even an ideal. Dagens Nyheter (The Daily News)
It was a fantastic performance. My students thought it was super-cool and some of them even recognized some of their own movements! My personal favourite-sequence was when the mail dancer “fell in love” and didn´t know how to make the best impression!! Either by being tender and loving or a tough guy. Great! This has given our students a new insight in the world of dance and I think you through this project have given our students a key in to a part of our culture that was earlier a little hard for them to understand…

Annica Sundh and all her students