Birgit & Birgit – invisible traces
Lunchtime dance–Première February 27 at 12.30 pm

A performance by dancer and choreographer Lotta Gahrton. Live music, piano and voice Sten Sandell.

My dancing education took place in the field of tension between two strong women’s views of dance and artistry. I didn’t really know about it then, but with time I have come to realise more and more how deeply the Swedish world of dance has been informed by Birgit and Birgit.

In this performance I delineate my relation to these “mothers” of Swedish dance and their works, the traces left in me by their relationship and their art, the evanescent art of dance existing in such a time-limited present.

February 27, 28, 29,
March 4, 5, 6, 7 at 12.30 pm

foto Hans Skoglund