A multi-medial dance-piece about communication and human relations inspired by the gestures and body-language of one thousand teenagers!

A moving, touching and mildly humoristic piece, where dance and film are integrated with each other – and with the audience, who also becomes a part of the performance.

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57% of our communication is said to be what we express with our gestures and bodylanguage. When creating this piece we met 1000 15-yearolds who all delivered a gesture of their own to us. They were also present (and participated) while we made their gestures into dancephrases and saw the whole piece evolve. A piece about gestures and communication and of course, coming out of that, human relations.
We have also chosen to bring in a “public” type of gesture and communication in to the performance by using filmed graffiti, advertisements or a train in motion as a fond where the dancers and the film interact with each other.

foto Erik Roman


foto Erik Roman

It was a fantastic performance. My students thought it was super-cool and some of them even recognized some of their own movements! My personal favourite-sequence was when the mail dancer “fell in love” and didn´t know how to make the best impression!! Either by being tender and loving or a tough guy. Great! This has given our students a new insight in the world of dance and I think you through this project have given our students a key in to a part of our culture that was earlier a little hard for them to understand…


Annica Sundh and all her students