RAGNAR, Kämpingebacken 3

Ragnar lives in Tensta. He always has. He is a lonely man who follows life through his window and dreams of the woman next door. He wants to celebrate something… or why not everything?

Mikael Strid hits the right note, smiling and gently touching as he moves between happiness and boredom, between movement and listlessness. Mikael Strids chubby, old man becomes memorable, even an ideal. Dagens Nyheter (The Daily News)

Choreography: Lotta Gahrton
Dancers: Mikael Strid, Lotta Gahrton
Film: Satu Tielinen
Music: Lars Hollmer/ Mats Gustafsson/
Sabbath Hela Veckan/ Albert W. Ketelby
Light design: Lars Liljegren

This is a piece made for child audiences although it`s about an elderly, lonesome man living in a suburb. He wants to celebrate something with someone…
The piece was made in collaboration with children from the suburb Tensta outside Stockholm. The children, aged 8, came from many various cultures and they showed us dances and told us about their cultures and their daily lives in Sweden. They also participate on a film which is perceived as a window where we look out from Ragnars flat, sometimes the “window” also shows Ragnars inner thoughts or emphasize his feelings.


photo Lotta Gahrton

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November 18th 2006
stage: Zebradans, Renstiernas gata 48, (Södermalm)